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Above Rubies - Livelihood Project

Above Rubies - Livelihood Project

Above Rubies is a livelihood project created to help widows and single mothers.


This group of women are producing top quality handcrafted beads, made out of recycled magazines and paper and are using these to create beautiful bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery. They also create beautiful crochet toys, buntings and more.  


Life can be so hard for these women, and so we hope this initiative will provide them with a fair wage, as well as support projects here.  They will also be required to keep a savings account for their future. Currently, many of these women go through the trash to find things to sell.  Not only is this degrading and dangerous most of this is done in the night hours so the women are exhausted.


Making jewellery, is giving them dignity, strength and hope.  They have told us that they feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride at their finished product and as they see their savings increase.  They are now well able to care for their children.

Take a look at the online store, or email us at livelihood@hisheart.org.nz for more information or on how you can hold a bead party making your own designs together.


Our dream is that this jewellery will be beautiful in every way.  Every bead carrying hope and every purchase an expression of love.

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