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What We Do

The needs in the Philippines are great but God has shown himself to be greater.  We believe the gospel is good news to the poor and want to see the true representation of God’s heart among the people here.  Jesus is power wrapped in love.  Love is not just a word but must be an action.  With this in mind, we release resources to reach needs. Yet, action and goodwill on their own are not enough to transform hearts and a community.  It is when we combine love with the power of God – that anything can happen. Carrying the power and love of God into every circumstance - we continually see God is more than enough for every situation.


We have developed a variety of outreaches to meet needs and display the heart of God in the middle of hopelessness.  Our approach is broad and expanding and we have dreams to reach into other areas and begin new initiatives as resources are released.


At His Heart, we are seeing God’s kingdom reach the desperate, broken and humble. What does this look like?  Children off the street and in school excelling.  Relationships between husband and wife restored.  Joy! Hope! Love! Parents who cannot afford medicine, praying for their children and them being healed.  Young people at risk because of poverty and family problems – rising to the top academically & behaviourally.  Confidence and hope in hearts.  Work for the husbands.  Children worshipping God passionately.  Women who were broken and hopeless, leading house churches and loving those around them. It is for us one of the most beautiful things on this planet.


"He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor" 1 Samuel 2:8a.




  • School Sponsorship Program

    His Heart Ministries endeavours to show the love of the Father to the poorest of the poor, and those that are hurting and broken. One of the ways we do this is by school sponsorship for Elementary and High School Students. The students we sponsor come from homes where going school is not an option ...

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  • Above Rubies - Livelihood Project

    Above Rubies is a livelihood project created to help widows and single mothers. This group of women are producing top quality handcrafted beads, made out of recycled magazines and paper and are using these to create beautiful bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery. They also create beautiful ...

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  • Hope on the Street

    On Wednesday mornings at 8:30am, the team go to the local park to the place where a number of our people sleep overnight. We gather and vendors come from their homes as we begin the day. As a street family, we share Jesus, breakfast and testimonies of what God does. We worship together there in the ...

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  • Summer Harvest Missions Course

    For those aged 18-25 years God is raising up a new breed of radical ones who will bring in a great harvest in the nations! You were MADE for this! Join us for two months with Jesus. You will: - gain a clear sense of purpose for your life - grow in intimacy with Jesus - be challenged to stretch ...

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  • House churches

    This began as an extension from our ministry to the street kids, a weekly house church was begun. Now numerous adults are saved and attending and this has multiplied into more than 60 churches stretched out throughout Northern Luzon. Relationship is key to the philosophy of His Heart and we prefer ...

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  • Compassion Ministry

    Compassion ministry involves emergency help. The rainy season can be brutal here for many families whose houses are precarious already. Many are built on cliffs and mountainsides that are extremely steep and dangerous. There is a constant threat of landslides whether from rain or earthquakes. The ...

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  • Daily School Feeding

    More than 250 children a day, across five different schools - are fed a hot meal every day. That is approximately 1250 meals a week. 1250 times showing the love of God to severely malnourished children. Many have stories that would break your heart but it's the greatest thing seeing them run to ...

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  • Love Tribe

    This is where it all began in February 2007. Love and food. Every week His Heart goes to a local park to meet with the people and show them the love of God in a way that they will understand. Food is purchased with donations made to His Heart for children and adults, all of whom scratch out their ...

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  • Reading Club

    Every week more than 60 children come to our building after school. After eating a snack and milk (a real treat) they wash their hands and come inside. None of these children have access to books and so this is an opportunity for them to read. They love it and take reading seriously. There are ...

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  • Leadership Training

    Training local leaders who have come to know Jesus, in how to lead others - this is proving a great success. Not only is confidence growing but our house churches can now be led in the people's native tongue.


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