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Sparkling shoes

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April 21, 2017

Sparkling shoes

Me and my family lived in a deep financial crisis 9 years ago. Both my parent’s income doesn’t meet even the minimum salary pay, that’s why even I’m just there child during that time, I couldn’t get everything I want. My school bag was only given by a neighbour, I only have 1 school shoes for the whole year which is actually the same school shoes that I use to wear last school year. I don’t have allowance usually, well I’, lucky if I would have one to five pesos a day, and then I would buy my bubble gum – the food I call “longer-lasting-food”. My teacher always embarrassed me infront of my classmates saying that “this girl couldn’t pay her miscellaneous fees”. But I must admit, even if I am only 8 years old, I already understand things concerning my family. I understand that I shouldn’t ask for expensive boots, wheeled bags, Barbie dolls and ‘talking cellphone’ because we just couldn’t afford it. I understand that I couldn’t have balloons for my birthday. I understand that things under my family’s reach are limited.


But only until I met His Heart and became sponsored. My whole life changed. This time I have complete set of school supplies, ‘sparkling black shoes’ Barbie painted school bag and my teacher doesn’t humiliate me infront of everybody anymore, because my school fees are settled! My parents doesn’t have to worry about me and my school and they don’t have to put my school matters in their budget so they can focus on other things needed in the house.


Now I can say I am blessed, beyond blessed. Not only that, at first I believe that since I am a sponsored child, I HAVE to attend kids church and other His Heart services. That’s my mindset, because I am obliged to, but as time goes by, I have realised that sponsorship in not just a blessing and assistance but also a bridge to God. From that time on, I accepted Him as my God and saviour. Even if I’m only 9 year old, the thought of praising and worshiping God gives me so much glee and anticipation. He has blessed me with all the blessings he could give that’s why I wouldn’t wanna go away from His presence: because of the sponsorship I have pushed my family even closer to him, because of the sponsorship my studies are fine. Because of sponsorship I have known God. If I wouldn’t have got sponsored, I wouldn’t have known God. If I wouldn’t have known God, my whole life would have been a mess.


During my sponsoring years I graduated valedictorian, became a house church leader, became a youth band member, and my mom got a job with His Heart which made our life lighter than before. Also I never fail to top in the class, I am considered a government employee even if I’m just a High School student and most importantly, I received the salvation I deserve. Truth be told these things are mere small achievements but it becomes big because God is with me along the process.


I am 17 year old now, a junior High School graduate and sadly I surrendered my sponsorship place for the sake of the other kids who happens to be less fortunate than me. I want them to experience what I have experience and make a better story than mine. I love being in touch with my sponsor family and they are in my prayers always, but I am most overwhelmed with what God has done in my life during my sponsored years. My faith grew and I know it will still grow even further. Even if I’m not a sponsored child already, I will still worship Him and honor Him until the end of time. I know he won’t left me hanging for my next journey.

I am not a former sponsored child, I AM CHILD OF GOD


- Jhel.  

(The picture was taken in 2010 - Jhel is on the left)


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