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January 30, 2017

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who gave this Christmas and year around.


You truly are our heroes - making all of this possible.


Our hearts were full.  Seeing hundreds and hundreds of children happy and uncontainably excited is something that you never forget.  Sharing Jesus and His love for each of them, is such a privilege.  


We are really so grateful to all of you who gave for the Christmas parties.  With parties in four different areas, we are excited that the good news of Christmas spreads further.  Parties were held in Kalinga, Villasis, Sison and Baguio.  

Now we have a few thousand children running around with their latest design His Heart t-shirts!  Each one is printed with a different promise. These children can live in the security of their faithful God's love.  So good. 


For more pictures see our Baguio, and Sison Albums.  

Thank you again, and may you be blessed beyond measure this coming year!  

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