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People choosing Jesus!

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November 9, 2016

People choosing Jesus!

Water baptism is a clear outward demonstration of a heart decision to live for Jesus. And we are excited that many more of our people are taking this step.  Part of this is because we have changed the way we do things.  


It is interesting that in Bible the person doing the baptized was not often mentioned. It was simply not about that. It was about the person being baptized saying, I leave my old life, and I let declare that I now live a new life in Jesus.  But somehow, the church in general, has placed requirements and conditions on who can baptize, that are extra-biblical.  


We have removed those and our people have realized that anyone can baptize and it can be anywhere.  The little boy pictured didn't really baptize this one, but he definitely wanted to and is learning by example.  All over, in water drums, rivers, springs, beaches, laundry tub, people are being baptized every week, showing their love for God and desire to live for Him!  


It's very exciting to see even new christians rising up as a priesthood of believers, who can confidently take the good news of Jesus everywhere and anywhere, whatever level of education or society they are!  


They are understanding who they are in Him and more and more are walking in their true identity as sons and daughter, seated in with Him in heavenly places, blessed with every spiritual blessing and are learning to give that away!   To see more pics of baptisms in the the last few months click here

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