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Tribal village encounters Jesus

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June 8, 2016

Tribal village encounters Jesus

How do you sum up a two week visit to an isolated little village in Kalinga in the northern mountains...

Jesus loves Kalinga.


From the first night we were there, we had people coming to visit us, asking for a church in their village.  The next morning, we had people come to us asking for prayer.  A few days later, we invited people for house church, and 70 people turned up, and we couldn't fit in the house, so we went next door to the covered rice-threshing area.  They were hungry to know Jesus.  They were desperate for prayer.  They wanted just to sit and listen to the worship songs, and let the heaviness melt away from their hearts.  And Jesus came.  He drew near to them.  He took their heaviness, he healed their bodies.  He brought life to their hearts.


Valentina had a sore back, Jesus healed her.  An older lady had a sore back and knees, which prevented her from working in the rice fields, and meant she was very poor.  I prayed with her, and she felt a little better.  Then I asked Valentina to pray with me for this lady, that He would 'do it again'.  We prayed, and then the lady moved around a bit, and looked up at me with a big smile.  All the pain was gone.  The next day, she was out working in the fields, and the next day, and the next.  On our last day, she wanted to give us a gift.  She shyly gave us a small bag of rice, quietly said "Sorry, this is all I can give.  Its only been this week that I've been able to collect the rice from the fields, so I only have a little bit to give.  But this is for you."  Needless to say, we were holding back the tears.  


Jesus loves.
Jesus heals.

He gives dignity.

He restores lives.

Jesus loves.


One day we visited a old grandmother, who lives alone.
She crawled into the room to meet us, as she has been unable to walk for several years.  Her knees were large and callused.  The first thing she said was "Are you here to give me medicine?  Because I don't want it.  I'm done with medicines."  We explained that we had no medicine, but we wanted to pray for her.  The precious lady seemed happy to hear that, and explained that she couldn't walk, had pain in her body, and had to crawl around her house "like a dog".  

So we sat there, and prayed with her, and then asked her to move her legs, to see if there was a change in the pain levels.  She moved a little bit, then climbed up a little stool and sat on the bed, while quietly muttering "Agamanak Apo Dios" (Thank you God!).  The next thing we knew, she had pulled herself up into a standing position and was walking out the door!  We tried to help her and support her, but she didn't want any help - she wanted to walk out her miracle with Jesus!  We looked at each other, in awe at what was happening, as she shuffled her way up and down the balcony.  A few other ladies were passing by the house, and saw her standing upright, and walking.  They came up and joined us on the balcony, curious, with several questions for us, and wanting prayer for themselves.  


An old lady who hasn't walked for years, doesn't want medicine, but is desperate for healing and dignity.  An irresistable miracle for our loving Jesus. 

 Team and Lady healed from asthma

So what happens now?
Jesus continues to love Kalinga.  People have been changed through an encounter with His love, and they will continue to grow and encounter Him through the newly planted house church.  The light that has been kindled will grow.  


Shine Kalinga, shine.


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