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April 24, 2016


This is Angela Mae with her mother and little sisters. A few years back, she had no motivation to go to school. She was barely passing her subjects. She didn't even like eating at lunchtime.  But one day something changed her life!

Watch the video and read below.


Now, shes getting amazing grades. Her younger sisters have been inspired and are getting some of the top marks in their year! Her mother recently expressed to me how grateful they are to her sponsor. It has relieved a big financial pressure, and she can see her family flourishing!

Angela Mae loves worshipping Jesus. She has a beautiful caring heart and at 13 yrs old, is already a role model for younger kids.  Sponsorship is not just money, it is a message to the child that they are believed in and valued enough for someone to get behind them and help them through school. 

We are again looking for generous hearts to sponsor one (or more!) precious kids to school.  We are here on the ground, and overheads are minimal, so just NZ$25/month will buy a child almost everything they need for school, and the knowledge that they are loved. 

Sponsorship transformed Angela Mae.  It will transform more too.  
If you would like to partner to change lives, go to the sponsorship area of the giving centre on this site to set up a regular donation, or message us at give@hisheart.org.org.nz to find out more!    Thank you! 

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