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His Heart Ministries is a Christian organization that endeavours to express the heart of God in tangible, real ways that will impact lives.  Our love is not to be expressed with words alone but we believe that God has called us to demonstrate His love in everything we do, in our personal lives and our actions. 


His Heart Ministries exists to see the goodness of God manifest here on earth in every sphere of society, but we have a strong desire to serve the very poor, to find the most desperate, the forgotten ones and those broken by hardship.


In working with the poor, our love must be real in ways that speak clearly through stress and confusion.  Often this means food for the hungry, healing for the sick, shelter for the homeless and opportunity for the hopeless. Everything we do is to show the good news of Jesus in whatever circumstances we come across.


It is exactly this love that has changed lives.  As we display God's heart and His love is poured out lives are healed and transformed.  Relationships in families are restored.  Bodies are healed.  Broken hearts are made whole.  Joy comes! Love comes!  Success comes! Those who were neglected and forgotten are filled with hope for the future.  He raises them from the ashes and sets them with the princes.


His Heart NZ works with a number of supporting churches and is committed to remaining sensitive, flexible and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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