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Beautiful reports from the Kids at Touching Heaven Auckland 2012

Beautiful reports from the Kids at Touching Heaven Auckland 2012

I didn't know we kids can heal people


In worship God poured out the Holy Spirit over my heart and it felt all warm. 


I enjoyed playing with people I didn't know before and experiencing things I had never experienced before like praying for someone and having the miracle happen straight away.


I felt God for the first time. I was so happy. I'm looking forward to what God is going to do in my life.


This year at Touching Heaven I had good moments with God. I enjoyed my elective which was Being A Missionary. I now know what it feels like to be in touch with my God. It feels amazing.


God gave me a picture in prophetic art today.  I thought my picture was really good.  It was a giant wave and gates that led to heaven. The message behind it was really cool!  The wave was coming towards the people, but the people weren't running, they ran to the wave!  And when the wave hit them, they were filled with more knowledge of God!  And the gate was the entrance to heaven.  And I really enjoyed the worship.  The worship was AWESOME!


God made me really happy. We went to pray for some people in the mall and the park. I had lots of fun and had joy in me.


Today I was healed!


Today I enjoyed the session because I healed Jordan and Ben healed me. I also liked the games we played.


God has warmed up my life, showed me visions for me and others, healed me and changed my life and blessed me with everything I need.

I had lots of fun this weekend doing electives, drama and doing praise and worship. I met lots of new friends, learnt new songs and I got healed from some of my eczema. God really touched me and let me have visions and let me hear his voice for the first time.


This weekend God has told me how much he loves and cares for me. I have enjoyed my time with my awesome group and meeting new people. I am now more hungry and excited for God.


God showed me a picture. It was a picture of my heart pumping hard because I think it was filled with love. Then it popped and went into words. The words it went into were 'I love you'.


I love everything about touching heaven. God can use so many little people to heal and how they are so hungry for God it's so amazing the Holy Spirit is everywhere.


He gave me a vision. He made me feel like new. He has made me happy for who I am. I am now closer to my friends.

This weekend God has really opened my eyes to how much he cares about the decisions I make in life. I used to think "oh well if he never says anything to me then he doesn't care" but well I got a word from him in worship and he said that he cares about every single move I make. I loved the worship so much, and now I know how much love God has for me. This has been an amazing conference!


This weekend I had fun in worship and also I had so much fun when we did gorgeous girls because I painted my nails and had fun with my friends. Amen!!!


Over the last few days everything that I was thinking changed.  Last night I pictured a 'golden gate' at the top of a water fall.  It was only like open, but then this morning at worship I think God gave me another picture.  It was the same gate but this time it was wide open and lots and lots of water came out like it will never stop.  I always wanted to let Jesus in my heart.  I want to follow his footsteps.  I want to be perfect like my papa in heaven.  I was never even sure if he was with me yet but from now on I will always thank him that he gave me a very wonderful life.  I want to praise him forever. I enjoyed everything.


He has given me faith and confidence in myself. He really touched my heart when we were healing. I felt very confident to help the sick people. I got to meet others that are also like me, we love God.


God told me that there's nothing I can do to make him love me any more or any less! That was so encouraging. And that is pretty much all. God just showed me move about him which was cool.


On Friday night when we were lying on the ground I got a picture of rainbows which were like God's love and the rainbows were wrapping around people. I really loved the worship times. I felt very close to God when we were all singing and lifting our hands up. I enjoyed praying for each other and listening to the healings that took place.


God has done so many happy things for me. He made me happy and very fun at camping in touching heaven. He let me see a vision. Made me feel peace. Whenever I worship I feel that God is somewhere near me. At that time I feel so happy and feel God's presence. Thanks to God that some sick people is healed. God has done a lot of great things. And I will always remember "Yes! Yes! Yes!" heal more sick people.


This weekend God let me get closer to him. We went on a treasure hunt and before we went we had visions from God and we had clues who to look for and the amazing this is we found them.


We did the treasure hunt and found a guy in the park and he had at least one of the things that someone in our group had said before we found him and he wanted to come to the Lord. God also showed me how much he loved me and he's made me want to get to know him better.


I felt God hugging me when I was lying down. I saw a picture for someone that was a waterfall with 4 big rocks and a square of little rocks. The waterfall was washing down with love.


While I was in praise and worship I held my hands up and felt real warm and like I was about to tip over. And when we were closing our eyes and saying "how much do you love me daddy" when someone came up and touched me I felt as if he was filling my heart with more.


This weekend I prayed for some people and at the end they felt good. And I also had some fun painting my nails.


God has made my heart fresh and has helped me learn the proper meaning of prayer and worship.  He has helped me make new friends.


God healed me from asthma.


Today I prayed for a boy. He had asthma. Then I prayed for him and he was able to run around the auditorium once without coughing.


He has brought me closer to him. I have learnt how to listen to him. I have learnt to heal.


God shared me braveness and peace because I went on stage and worshipped God. God gave me peace because he gave me a picture of him sleeping next to me.


God has made me draw closer to him and he has made me more confident to stand in front of a big crowd.


This weekend I have felt the presence of the Lord and learnt how to heal the sick. I have found a new friend in the Lord and someone I can look up to.


I have really enjoyed this weekend and touching heaven mainly because it has brought me closer to God and helped me to hear God's voice. I also really enjoyed doing the electives because prophetic art I got to see an extremely awesome picture. I saw a picture of two scenes in one picture: one side was night and one side was day, which I think represents a new day and beginning.


My first day at touching heaven was so amazing! I felt God's presence the most at praise and worship. I truly felt him with me as I sung to my Papa. Being able to express my love to him that night felt magical.


The time when I truly felt God was there and had given me power was when we prayed for each other to be healed. It felt great knowing that I had healed a person with God's help. The feeling was just so indescribable. I think I was smiling the whole time. I have gained so much from this conference. I feel more confident. I have developed my faith and have become more in touch with God. I really want to come next year and experience this amazing feeling again!


God showed me how much he loved me. He also made me more confident to sing in front of people, as in I was shy this morning but when we did our electives (worship) Yasmin taught me how to enjoy singing and God taught me how to be confident!


This weekend I really experienced God and his love. He showed me how true and real he is.


I learnt how to pray for the sick and I learnt more about God.


This year I really enjoyed Touching Heaven and I felt God's love. I learnt how to heal the sick and how to worship. I did the treasure hunt and it was really fun finding the people that we saw in our visions. I hope next year will be even better.


All the games were fun but the worship and learning about God was the best! I can't wait to know more about him. God is awesome! He is worth it even if we are going through bad times 


This weekend I felt God actually touch me for the first time. I learnt how to have an audible conversation with God. I was healed from 3 problems. I heard some very encouraging testimonies and I learnt to have courage when I am talking to people who don't know God.


I met some very cool people that love God lots. I made some amazing friends and I learnt that God made me unique in every way and He loves me and I learnt that I am a prince in the kingdom of God.


When we were asking how much God loves us I felt the Holy Spirit pouring on me. God told me how much he loves me when I asked. 

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