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Testimonies from July 2011

Testimonies from July 2011


God touched me on Friday night for the first time in my life.  He put his warm arms around me and said you are protected.  I put my hands up and praised him last night.  Me and my cousin went up to the front and started to pray, lift our hands, and pray in tongues and sing to Him.


God gave me a picture of me in a traffic of people and I cannot get out. But guess what?  He gave me wings to fly over them!


In the worship, I felt closer to God and I experienced the love of God so much more than I ever have.

I had shoulder pain and I was healed!  I met friends.


I was sent a gift from God - tongues!


God has made me not shy at this conference.  I am not shy anymore to sing out loud or to pray out loud.  I'm not ashamed.  This conference has really helped me come close to God!


God has done amazing things for me on this camp.  He has healed heaps of people and I have loved every part of it.


I really loved the worship.  I got to see miracles happen.  The leaders were really nice.





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