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A few testimonies from Touching Heaven in Hastings

A few testimonies from Touching Heaven in Hastings

This week I learnt that God can speak to you in heaps of ways. I also learnt that he can make almost anything happen like healing the sick and things.


He made me happy and I had lots of fun. I got healed in my leg and did some cool art.


He helped me overcome my fears because I used to be shy and now I’m not.


He taught me. He went around me like a blanket. He made me fall over. He spoke to me. I had a vision of a gate to heaven.  


Through this whole conference God had shown me visions and he touched my heart. During worship I started speaking in tongues and so a few seconds later I could feel the Holy Spirit going around the room. I could not stop my tears from falling.


God has helped me discover that I am a prince. I liked it when I went in the worship group. God told me positive stuff about me. Today I saw God and felt His presence during worship. I really enjoyed everything.


When we were doing praise and worship God told me to listen to my parents. To look after my brothers and sisters and look after my family properly. To love the person you hate and always forgive them. To give. To love one another. Pray all the time and tell people about God.


This conference was such a blessing to be a part of. God has helped me open my eyes to see things from a different point of view. Things Touching Heaven has helped me with is that when we give our lives to Jesus Christ, we then become a part of God’s family. We become sons and daughters of his kingdom, Princess/Prince. That God loves us no matter what. That he has great plans in store for us in the near future. In Jesus name, Amen.


God has taught me how to worship and God has let me meet new friends. Today I have learned to heal sick and unwell people. Yesterday I have learned a lesson of God to love people one another. Today God I want to make sure that I could be kind to one another. I have had a wonderful time here in a place full of wonderful kind people, from other towns and other places and got to meet a special person God. My favourite part was listening to leaders and praying while singing.


I could feel this warmth in my body at worship.


God has given me a new and refreshing experience of his love and a new hunger for him. Throughout this weekend my confidence has grown in him and my security is nowhere else but in Him.

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