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His Heart Ministries is incorporated as a Charitable Trust with tax exemption.  If you designate your money to be used for spending in NZ a receipt for tax deductions can be issued.  However, you need to be living in NZ to use it for a tax rebate up to the current level set by IRD.

Donations can be mailed to:
His Heart Ministries, PO Box 33754, Takapuna
North Shore City 0740, New Zealand

Or directly transferred to the His Heart Ministries Account
Donations to be used for NZ expenses

Donations to be used for Philippines expenses

Extra information for donors from outside New Zealand
Swift code: ASBBNZ2A


  • Sponsor a School Kit for Rural Students

    We are in contact with many children who live in the rural areas we minister in.  For many of them, life is very difficult.  We would love to be able to help them with their education by providing a school kit.


    This would include a bag, pens, pencils, notebooks, pad paper, crayons and other supplies necessary for their school year.  


    This is specifically designed for those who cannot be part of our main sponsorship program because of distance or other reasons.

    If you would like to purchase a school kit for a student, you can give here. 
    Each kit is $30 and will be a tremendous help and encouragement for families. 


    Purchase a school kit for a student - $30 each



  • Sponsor a child to school

    We are so happy to have many partnering from all over the world to sponsor children to school.  The city is being changed one child at a time and one family at a time. 

    We can't tell you how much difference this can make in the life of a child here.

    If you would like to sponsor a child, please sign up with paypal below.

    Or give directly to our bank account. 
    If you use this method, please email give@hisheart.org.nz, so we have your details and can match you to a child. 

    12-3026-0367832-01        Swift code: ASBBNZ2A    

    If you would like to be involved in making a difference in the lives of these children and their families this is a great place to invest.  It's a great way to show love and many of the parents are amazed that someone would care for their children enough to sponsor them. The generosity of donors impacts the lives of the children in a multi-faceted way.


    The cost for a school year is $NZ300 ($25 a month) or $US240 ($20 a month).

    Thank you for loving the poor. Sponsorship makes an incredible difference and is transforming families. 


    One time donation



    Monthly recurring donation


  • General Giving

    We have constant needs arising. 


    If you would like to give generally to what God is doing here and are happy for us to channel the money to the area of most need - this is the giving area for you. 

    Thank you!





  • Give Bibles

    Bibles cost us about $8NZD/$6.50USD each.   

    This has to be one of the greatest gifts of all!


    Enter any amount. One Youth Bible is $8NZD/$6.50USD



  • Relief food

    We often have cases of families that need emergency food.  We love to be compassionate in these situations and we hold bulk supplies at the centre.

    As we head into the rainy season this can mean days of typhoons and destruction of homes.  People cannot work and when living hand to mouth this often means people are without food.  We can show love in a tangible way.  People come to the building.  Get warm and dry.  Have coffee and biscuits.  Receive encouragement and prayer and food.   Lives have been changed through this simple expression of God's heart.

    It costs approximately $5NZD /$4USD for a bag of emergency relief food.


    Enter any amount. $5NZD/$4USD per bag



  • Missionary Support

    If you would like to give to Becs Kristensen please email for details.


  • Missionary Support

    I would like to give to support Yasmin Hughes. 

    If you are giving, thank you!

    Please record YASMIN HUGHES in the details of the paypal transaction so we can be sure it gets to the right person.


    With a one time donation of



    With a monthly recurring donation of


  • House Church Leaders

    Every Sunday and through out the week our volunteer leaders spread throughout the city to lead house churches.  These are centres of life, love, hope and healing and many are coming to Jesus from these simple meetings in the houses of people. 

    The transport costs are too much for our volunteers to bear, because many of them struggle even on a day to day basis for food, and so we need help in this area.

    To sponsor a house church only takes $5NZD a week. 

    Thank you for considering this project.  


    Sponsor a House Church



    Sponsor a House Church on a regular basis


  • Feed a child

    It costs about $15NZD a month to feed a child a hot meal every school day. 

    Right now we are providing approx 1000 meals per week. 

    If you would like to help severely malnourished kids or those that are very poor to remain in school, this is a great project to give towards. 


    One time donation



    Monthly recurring donation


  • Christmas Love

    Here is where you can give towards our Christmas Parties. 
    Every church will celebrate Christmas in their communities this year. 
    With your generosity, we will be able to provide them with prizes and gifts for the kids.
    Would you like to sponsor a house church Christmas party?  

    Only $80 per church would cover food & prizes and help towards Christmas t-shirts for the kids!  We have more than 85 churches and growing.

    Any amount is appreciated! 

    This is a tangible expression of God's love that brings unspeakable joy to many. 
    Thank you for your generosity and love.


    House Church Christmas



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